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Destiny: The New Version Features Introduced

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Latest news on the fate of the presentation on the new version. There are a few different game modes in Destiny, including cooperative raids and PvP combat, but an official competitive vehicle racing mode doesn’t exist in Bungie’s open-world FPS. At the PlayStation Experience event last weekend, Bungie’s community manager Eric Osborne hinted at the ….  Continue Reading

Destiny: Small Problem Does Not Affect The New Expansion

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Destiny recently run into some minor trouble, According to complaints on Reddit. Some Destiny players are finding themselves locked out of their game after purchasing downloadable content The Dark Below. When booting up Destiny after purchasing the content, affected users see a timer counting down to the launch of The Dark Below. The screen reportedly ….  Continue Reading

The Introduction of Evolving The Dark Below Weapons

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Do you still play with the common weapons? Are you tired of the traditional ways of playing Destiny?Now let’s tell you how to evolve Dark Below weapons in Destiny. New Exotic and Legendary Upgrade Materials from The Dark Below will allow you to upgrade Common weapons into Exotic weapons. New materials from The Dark Below: ….  Continue Reading