Madden 25 FAQ Answers

Madden NFL 25

This guide answers the biggest questions about the Madden 25 game. For some of the questions, the answers will be incomplete. So please follow our game hub Ezmut, we will be updated there. The most important is here is the best store to buy Madden 25 Coins – Use code “Mods” to enjoy 5% off while getting secure purchases, fast delivery, and great customer service.

What is Madden 25’s Release Date?

Madden 25 is scheduled to release on August 16 globally for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and PC. However, customers who pre-order the game will get early access beginning on August 13.

Who is the Madden 25 Cover Athlete?

The cover athlete is San Francisco 49ers star Christian McCaffrey. He is featured on the standard and digital editions of the game.

When Are the Madden 25 Player Ratings Going to Be Released?

The full ratings haven’t been released, but the 99 Club seems to have been announced. McCaffrey, Justin Jefferson, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Tyreek Hill are all 99 overall players. Expect ratings to begin rolling in after the release of College Football 25, which comes out on July 19.

When is the Madden 25 Trailer Going to Be Released?

EA Sports confirmed that the release trailer for Madden 25 will be available on June 18, 2024.

What Are the New Madden 25 Features in Gameplay and Presentation?

BOOM Tech is the latest tech brand EA is using with Madden 25. It’s essentially building off a previous tech branding called FieldSense. It is an animation-branching system designed to create more fun and realistic gameplay. The fundamental principles in Boom Tech are physics-based tackling with reworked hit sticks, cut sticks, trucks, dives, and stiff arms all incorporated.

Hit sticks are about angle and timing, designed to bring more skill to perform perfectly. The ball-carrier control is on another level with the number of jukes, spins, and overall moves you can chain together.

The lighting, 3-D grass, perfectly rendered uniforms, and increased accuracy of the player likenesses should excite fans looking for visual authenticity.

There are now multiple commentary teams, which should help to keep the experience fresh from an audio standpoint.

What New Features Will Be in Madden 25’s Franchise Mode and Superstar?

Franchise mode is finally beginning to see some real upgrades. The newer dynamic storylines have more depth; some now last longer than a season. Franchise mode has additional stat tracking to keep rookie and team records. The AI is designed to be more competent in free agency and draft selections, but we’ll need to see this in action to confirm its potency.

The most significant addition to franchise mode is Team Builder. According to EA, users can upload their custom logos, and personalize team uniforms, and fields. These changes can be shared in the download center for others in the community. The teams can be used in online and offline franchise modes.

Superstar mode has also received several upgrades. There are new archetypes, faces, hair, and tattoos. There are also new Combine drills to play to upgrade your character before taking them into The League or Showdown. You’ll also be able to import your Road to Glory character from College Football 25 into Madden 25.

What New Features Will Be in MUT 25 and Online Regs?

Ultimate Team will have a new Head-to-Head ranked mode. Only wins count in the effort to rank up, and users can earn ranking points, ascend or descend in divisions, and collect rewards. If you can reach the Top 100, you’ll join the Legends Division. Ultimate Team will also introduce 6-on-6 games for a more wide-open experience.

Online regs will now have a new leaderboard and structure. Users will compete to move through four divisions to reach the Top 100 division.

What Are the Madden 25 Pre-Order Bonuses?

Standard Edition Pre-Order

Dual Entitlement (PlayStation & Xbox)
Superstar Drip Gear + Legendary XP Boost (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, & PC only)
Choice of 2 Strategy Items (1 Offense & 1 Defense)
Christian McCaffrey Elite Player Item

Deluxe Edition Pre-Order

3 Day Early Access
4600 Madden Points
AKA Player Item (if pre-ordered by August 1)
Exclusive Early Access Solo Challenges
Dual Entitlement (PlayStation & Xbox)
Superstar Drip Gear + Legendary XP Boost (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, & PC only)
Choice of 2 Strategy Items (1 Offense & 1 Defense)
Christian McCaffrey Elite Player Item

MVP Bundle

Madden NFL 25 Deluxe Edition

3 Day Early Access
4600 Madden Points
Early Access Ultimate Team Challenges
AKA Player Item
Cover Athlete Elite Player Item
Elite Player Item (Bundle Exclusive)
Choice of 2 Strategy Items
Superstar Drip Gear (PS5 or Xbox Series X|S only)
Legendary XP Boost (PS5 or Xbox Series X|S only)

College Football 25 Deluxe Edition (PS5 or Xbox Series X|S only)

3 Day Early Access
4600 College Football Points
Alma Mater Ultimate Team Pack (Choice of 1 player item out of 134)
Cover Athlete Ultimate Team Pack (Choice of 1 player item out of 3)
Heisman Hopeful Ultimate Team Pack (Choice of 1 player item)
Road to Glory Ultimate Team Uniform Item

How Often Will Madden 25 Player Ratings and Likenesses Be Updated?

Player ratings and likenesses should be updated throughout the season as they have been over the past several years. With more accurate likenesses at launch, the bar has been raised in this area.