Exploits plague Neverwinter economy, PWE responds [Updated]


Multiple Massively sources and forum users are reporting that a serious auction hall exploit involving negative bids has turned the fledgling economy of Neverwinter on its head. Perfect World/Cryptic appear to be locking down forum threads on the topic and have posted the following in response to the exploits:

We currently are in the process of taking action against a subset of accounts that were confirmed to have utilized exploits that affected the game balance or economy. These accounts may be banned, temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of exploit utilization. Anyone who is affected by this will receive notification via email. […] Thank you for your patience and support while we continue to do everything in our power to ensure that Neverwinter remains a fair and balanced game experience.

The post also encourages anyone banned unfairly to contact customer support for resolution. A followup post by a Cryptic moderator from last night tells players that “there are no plans for another wipe at this time.” And a message on the Neverwinter’s German-language Facebook page suggests that the Neverwinter Gateway has been taken offline while the issue is investigated. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops. [Thanks to Dan, J, Ehra, David, Dixa, Mike, xpac, Jan, and Zaph for the tips!]

[Update: Cryptic has posted a new response to the latest exploit: “The Astral Diamond Exchange and the Auction House have been temporarily taken offline to resolve a high priority bug. At this time we are still investigating the details regarding the issue and will post more information as the situation progresses. As the issue involves in-game currency, we understand that there may be questions regarding the follow up actions needed to ensure that the economy remains fair and balanced. At this time we are still in the process of collecting the data, but plan to share details regarding follow up actions once the investigation concludes. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we continually smooth out issues during open beta.”]