kitchen sink update incoming

New Neverwinter build to rebalance classes, fix quests

Are you singing the open beta blues when it comes to Neverwinter? Nasty bugs or class inconsistencies getting you down? Then cheer up, little soldier, for Cryptic has the cure for what ails you. The studio announced today that it’s preparing a “major” update to address issues across the Neverwinter spectrum.

While the patch notes for this update will probably be a doozy, here’s the gist of it. All five classes will be rebalanced with changes to mechanics, powers, “and pretty much everything else.” In addition to all of the class tweaks, the devs have improvements for PvP, queuing, the auction house, the Gateway portal, the UI, game performance, quests, dungeons, and rewards.

Kitchen sink patches are a staple of beta and launch period MMOs, so we’ll see if this one will shore up the title’s weak spots.