Neverwinter’s Malabog Castle

Later this summer Neverwinter will launch its first expansion module with Fury of the Feywild. The expansion is primed to add the new region of Sharandar, three additional campaign areas, new enemies, loot, and the Malabog Castle dungeon.

In a new Neverwinter blog, Cryptic revealed an early look at the content within the Malabog Castle dungeon. Located in the new Sharandar region, Malabog Castle is home to the ruthless King Malabog, who you’ll become a thorn in the side of as he attempts to conquer Sharandar.

“During your adventures in Sharandar, you and your dungeon party will storm Malabog Castle and rid the stronghold of its fomorian forces. If you are successful, King Malabog’s chances of complete dominance will weaken significantly. What may you encounter inside Malabog’s Castle? Be on the lookout for Krol Nightforge, a cyclops servicing King Malabog as his master smith. Survive that encounter and your party will face King Malabog and his forces remaining in the castle – you must succeed!”

Read the Malabog Castle blog for more details.

Source: Neverwinter’s Malabog Castle