Neverwinter’s Devoted Cleric in action

Neverwinter's Devoted Cleric in action

Neverwinter’s Devoted Cleric isn’t your standard battle cleric with a mace and religious pamphlets but a long-distance spellcaster who has the ability to fling heals and death from afar while holding up a ridiculously huge icon.

Cryptic’s hoping to sell the class to you via a snazzy montage that involves an awful lot of light and pizazz. Perhaps too much pizazz. It must be hard for these guys and gals to brush their teeth in the morning without the place lighting up like a discotheque.
Absolutely the best free to play I have tested, Though it  just does not fit what I’m  looking for. I.e. A new home  from  World of Warcraft. In my opinion this is great for your eight-year-old to teenager but lacks skill-based combat and counter play. It definitely has a niche for the casual player.