Neverwinter video highlights the Control Wizard

New Neverwinter video highlights the Control Wizard

During last weekend’s Neverwinter beta event, plenty of folks were checking out the newly added class, the Control Wizard. And who can blame them — who hasn’t dreamt of flinging a magic missile or two? But more than just the ranged DPS of a group, the Control Wizard is a strategist; this class determines which mobs enter the fray and when by controlling them via powerful freezing rays or repelling them with powerful bursts.

Check out this mighty magician in action in the video montage after the break. And for more details on the Control Wizard, you can read Massively’s hands-on experience and watch The Stream Team take on six hours of magic missile goodness!

Those are some impressive looking environments.  I like the fact that this game isn’t afraid to have a few of them just be dark.  Low light in games just isn’t done as much as I’d like it to be.  Even LotRO went and turned up all the lights in Moria, which was criminal; that place is still awesome, but I really do like it when those environments make you turn on yer lamp to see a little.  Those survival horror tropes still work great, more games ought to go for them, even if it does slow things down a bit from time to time.