Views from a beta

One Shots Views from a beta

It’s hard not to turn into a total tourist when you’re checking out a new beta. Out comes the fanny pack, the giddy delight of a new world, and most importantly, the camera.

Reader Michelle kicks off this week’s One Shots column with a screenshot of the first Neverwinter beta weekend. It’s a shot of her character Nora overlooking the edge of aptly named Neverdeath Graveyard. We’re guessing that the caretaker down there has his hands full.

Would you go into such a place if you saw it in real life? I guess that’s why we have our avatars to be bold where we would flee! Let’s take a look at a few other places where angels fear to tread.

One Shots Views from a beta

Ahh! It’s the most terrifying monster I’ve ever seen! What foul, twisted game developer would create such a monstrosity and then force us to… well… aww… OK, it’s kind of cute.

It’s a Frankenleet.

Reader Ben sent us in this aaaadorably terrifying critter from Anarchy Online with strict instructions to feed and bathe it before, not after, midnight. Right now it sits at the Massively offices and watches all of us without blinking. We haven’t seen Eliot or Karen for two days now, but that’s probably a coincidence.

One Shots Views from a beta

Reader Erin has a lot to gush about another beta: “I didn’t expect it at first, and having all settings on low at first didn’t help, but Firefall is actually a rather beautiful world. There are some great locations, and the lighting effects based on time of day make some of them truly breathtaking. I spent a lot of time exploring and just enjoying the scenery; I even watched a couple of sunsets and sunrises, which I haven’t done in an MMO… well, ever.”

She sent us an enormous pile of screenshots from her beta experience, and I chose this interesting nighttime oasis. Is it safe? It looks safe. But it’s probably not safe.

One Shots Views from a beta

Sometimes death can come in the form of beauty. Take for example this final screenshot from the cancelled game Wish. It’s a lovely winter wonderland, but you just know that someone is losing fingers, noses, and limbs from frostbite before all is said and done.

Reader Pohl highlighted a particular aspect of the game’s system with this shot: “This one showcases the Wish weather engine while I was trekking through the Cyclops territories.”
One Shots Views from a beta

Do you have an odd, unusual, or otherwise bizarre screenshot lurking on your hard drive? Dig it up and send it our way, and we’ll reward you with 10 MassivelyBux!