Neverwinter beta by pre-ordering Torchlight II


Synergy and cross-promotion are what make the corporate world go ’round, so try not to boggle too much as you read the following sentences. Perfect World and Runic Games have teamed up to give you a unique way to access the Neverwinter beta. All you need to do is to pre-order Torchlight II.

The closed beta access comes with a couple provisions. You’ll have to specifically pre-order through Perfect World to get beta access, as a Steam pre-order won’t reap the same results. Also, it’s important to note that Runic Games says that the “exact date of [beta] access will vary.”

Runic Games is a subsidiary of Perfect Worlds, which also owns Cryptic Studios.

We found ourselves incredibly impressed with Neverwinter after getting our hands on it at PAX East, so it’s great to have a guaranteed path into the beta. Make sure to read up on our impressions of this upcoming title from Cryptic.