NWN beefs up skirmishes with Call to Arms

Neverwinter beefs up skirmishes with Call to Arms

Starting this Friday, Neverwinter is taking its skirmish system and turning up the dial to 10; just 10, that’s as high as that dial goes and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Neverwinter’s new Call to Arms events will be much more inclusive versions of its standard skirmishes, allowing players from level 5 to 60 to join in the fun. This will not only allow players to revisit skirmish areas they have since outleveled but give everyone great incentive to do so with a ton of rewards. Cryptic is handing out companions, dye packs, and transmutation items among other prizes for completing a Call to Arms event.

Joining a Call to Arms is pretty simple, as players can queue up for one just as they can for skirmishes, dungeons, and PvP matches. Cryptic will be rotating through a stable of events, changing up the location and rewards as it does so.