New Expansions Come To ‘Dungeons & Dragons Online’ And ‘Neverwinter’

Dungeons & Dragons is alive and well online with two new expansion for two MMORPGs.

Dungeons & Dragons may be the most popular tabletop roleplaying game in the world, but the game has seen its fair share of video games as well.
Neverwinter talks new classes and more in latest State of the Game
Two massively multiplayer online roleplaying games help flesh out the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, from Eberron to the Forgotten Realms. And both these MMOs have new expansions.

Fury of the Feywild is a free expansion, but gamers have the option to buy the $59.99 Knight of the Feywild pack which adds a special companion and a Unicorn mount among other perks. A unicorn mount is pretty cool, I have to admit, but for $59.99 maybe a Pegasus would have been more appropriate.

Still, for gamers who don’t care about the extras, Fury of the Feywild still adds tons of new gear, monsters, and quests to a game that’s already pretty well stocked with player-generated adventures built using the Foundry system.

“The Foundry is a big part of the Neverwinter experience,” Stewart tells me, “and that inspiration comes squarely from the earlier video games, the Neverwinter Nights series, in which the user generated content was  a big part of the culture.”