Bushnell: Nintendo might be a ‘path irrelevant. “

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell said he thought that Nintendo may be facing a “Path” has nothing to do with existing products.

“I do not think the significance of handheld gaming devices,” he told the publication. “When you have an iPod or Android microtablet’s.

“When it comes to video game market, I think the market is truncated,” he said. “Nintendo is always a soft spot for young people – they did pretty well under 12, and others did 12 years and above.

“Now I think the [Control Panel] those things are not good enough, eager to upgrade from 12 down, is not nearly as important.”

Bushnell is more optimistic about the virtual reality equipment, such as the company Oculus Rift, said delayed challenge, the feeling of motion sickness can be solved, the device has a good chance of success.

Last month, Nintendo’s representative confirmed that the company is still at a loss to sell its Wii U system. Two weeks ago, the company disclosed that it will be eliminated the basic version of Wii U’s hardware, and cut the price of its Wii U system from September 20.