What Makes u Stick to Never Winter

We can not deny the fact that the friends available on the list are decreasing rapidly now.We are wondering what keeps you still playing Never Winter while a lot players give up this game .Is it true for u that when u reach a high level and then give up the game ? Or u are just farming the Astral Diamonds and in hope to get perfect weapons.Maybe ,u are just farming and save enough never winter gold to buy a supporting item like Never Winter Enchanted Key and Enchantments.The joys with friends in this game can keep u going was well. Or right now,u can not find better game to play and Never Winter has become your habit alreay.Now take this poll and let’s find together what is the reason that makes us stick to Never Winter up till now

astral diamond
Never Winter AD

Option1.Perfect high level:It is normal for humans to always pursuit the perfect.High level account is the destination of a lot of players .So do i.If the high level is completed, the PVP still does not come out, i would abandon this game as well.

Option2.Skillful AD skills:This is not rare for a lot of player to have several dozens of Astral Diamond in the Zen.The chance to get the AD is rare than the chance to get a legendary item.

Option3.Certain Supporting Item: As the items in the Auction House are too high, we always cherish a hope that we would loot the items we can use ourselves. And we keep farming although the hope is dim. There is no limit to get the best gears. sell cheap Astral Diamond

Option4.Joys with Friends: Good social Community is always a good reason to keep the players in the game. Fighting with friends side by side in the Uber Boss and share the joys to get an awesome AD is an unforgettable experience in Never Winter

Option 5, No better Choices: When we have develop it into a habit to play Never Winter,Never Winter is part of our life. What’s more, there is not so much game can compare with Blizzard in regarding of Screen Shots.

Taking this poll , what’s the reason that u are sticking to Never Winter ? Welcome to share with us !