Never winter PVP changes is coming on the way

Deep within the ancient ruined dwarven city of Gauntlgrym, two rival factions battle for the right to enter Dwarf King Crypt dungeon delve. Also, within Rivenscar Ruins and Hotenow, players fight to dominate control points to earn valuable Glory points. In addition to hunting creatures in the Forgotten Realms, PvP (player versus player) combat is another exciting and tactical feature in Neverwinter. Players learn valuable combat skills in order to chain attacks, stun, and control their enemies.

never winter pvp  system
Never winter gold

Coming with a future update, we’ll be introducing changes to the PvP system in Neverwinter. One of those changes is introducing a new stat to all existing and upcoming PvP equipment: Tenacity. Tenacity will be a crucial stat to have along with Armor Penetration, Critical Strike, Power, and other stats. Tenacity increases resistance to various effects caused by players including control powers, like stuns and knock backs, critical hits, and damage.

If you are an avid PvP player, you’ll likely want to stack up Tenacity on your equipment with never winter gold to reduce damage from players who tend to be more offensively-focused. Tenacity will also reduce control effects on your character. Don’t forget that Artifacts and base attributes like Strength, Charisma, etc., will also increase your Control Resist.

Tenacity is not the only thing that will be changing how certain control effects work. Prone is being changed at its core and will now be affected by Control Resist, in addition to being much shorter against players at the base level.

What other changes are coming? New PvP gear – of course! We’ll be revealing more information on these new gears in an upcoming post so stay tuned. How will you change your character to factor in Tenacity?