To get some privilege for free by playing Neverwinter

Neverwinter Astral Diamonds
Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

Neverwinter is a game that you can play free,but sometimes you need to spend real money to play better.I wish you can get some fancy perks without spending your cash .let’s talk something about this game.

Neverwinter has a market that takes real world monkey for perks. So you can pay real dollars for the ingame currency “zen”, which can be spent on bonuses like companion pets, the ability to rename or redesign your character, mounts, and the like. Cryptic has been firm that you won’t have to pay and that payment is strictly optional and that paying just lets you get things faster.

It is said that, they certainly want to encourage you to pay. The bank is tiny and you regularly get chests that contain special items that can only be opened by a Neverwinter Astral Diamonds that you can only get via zen. You can buy zen and exchange them for astral diamonds. And astral diamonds are the currency used in the auction house to buy gear, so you can buy zen, convert to AD, and then buy whatever items you want. So if you have enough money, you can just buy a level 60 character and give them decent gear. Of course, this does mean if you do many daily quests and auctioning, you can earn astral diamonds which you can then sell for zen, bypassing the need to pay. So nothing in the zen store requires payment. If you have enough time to grind astral diamonds.This is actually well done.

There have been times playing MMOs I wished I could just drop $50 and get a few extra levels to catch up with friends. And times I’ve played some freemium MMOs and wished there was some way to work towards one of those fancy perks without spending cash. That is to say, the store looks a little empty now. I’d love some more fancy clothing and customization options, especially cheaper ones. If you’re one of the people who paid $200 for the big fancy pack of goods, there’s likely precious else to buy in the zen store.

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