The Introduction of Evolving The Dark Below Weapons

Do you still play with the common weapons? Are you tired of the traditional ways of playing Destiny?Now let’s tell you how to evolve Dark Below weapons in Destiny. New Exotic and Legendary Upgrade Materials from The Dark Below will allow you to upgrade Common weapons into Exotic weapons.

The Introduction of Evolving The Dark Below Weapons

New materials from The Dark Below:

  • Crux of Crota (Exotic material)

Their god is now our power.

  • Embalming Orb (Legendary material)

Stolen from a Hive chamber, what this tiny orb represents is          unknowable and terrifying. Used to upgrade weapons of Hive origin.

  •  Runed Core (Legendary material)

A weapon core inscribed with unsettling Hive sigils. Used to upgrade weapons gifted from Eris.

  • Radiant Energy (Legendary material)

The light of particle-antiparticle annihilation, trapped in a stasis capsule.

  • Radiant Shard (Legendary material)

A primordial singularity frozen on the edge of evanescence.

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