Destiny: The New Version, A New Hero

“Destiny,” released a new version, you want to learn more about the new version of information? Follow us instantly.


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How to Unlock the New Weekly Heroic?

Try following these steps, as they’ve worked for a few other players who have followed them:

1.First, go to the Tower and grab the initial quest piece from Eris.

2.Complete the three story quests and pick up the “Kill 25 Knights or Wizards” bounty.

3.Repeat the second DLC quest on Earth two to three times to finish it.

4.Grab the three new Patrol quests that Eris will produce.

5.Go to Earth and select ‘Patrol.’

6.Your first stop is to the right of your initial spawn. Go through the facility and past The Divide, then burn past the Rocket Yard. Act like you’re going into the Sepiks Prime strike. On your left after the first tunnel past the yard’ll find a specially marked Hive enemy.

8.Kill it and the subsequent spawns to get your first bounty.

9.Next, reload the Earth Patrol to start from the beginning.

10.Go straight ahead to the complex that was in the beta where you kill a Wizard for the first time; just go due north and up the hill into the complex. Right before the stairs to said Wizard room you’ll find a marked Thrall in the corner.

11.Kill it and the rest of the room for the second bounty. Do not reload, continue on through that area.
Finally, keep heading up that building and past the Wizard room. Go into the area with the original loot cave. Head into the big building due north (right next to the cave), and run until you get to the big open area of the Terrestrial Complex.

12.Go straight ahead into that tiny landing, steal the urn, and kill the enemies that appear.
It’s a long process, we know. If you’re wanting to unlock some of the new content before Xur visits, then you’ll want to go ahead and give them a try.