FIFA 15’s Career Mode Of Fulham

Fulham career mode can give you something differently and the video of FIFA 15 is below.

Some comments collected as fallowing:

  • The goal from Sturridge looks to be at the top corner,in which almost no chance for the keeper. 😛 But for your 2 goals, well you know, their keeper is Mignole.
  • Wouldn’t you like doing a career mode on a big team (Bayern or Barca) and playing on Legendary?
  • If you had started your Fulham career mode now, the recent squad update has the regular fulham players in like grimmer and williams, who have 75 and 76 potential respectably. Roberts’s potential has also gone up to 85. Bettinelli starts at 66 aswell.
  • Assaidi is on loan at stoke.

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