FIFA 15 Free Pack Project

Playing FIFA games with free pack is a big joy with a doubt,nevertheless how to make it is a question.

Below is a tutor video of free pack project I give you to copy it.

After you have watched the video, do you have any ideas like following?

  • You’re the best fifa commentator I’ve heard for a long time. Genuinely funny, never gets angry, has respect for his opponent (kind of) and most important you don’t sound like a child. Good job!
  • Like this comment I dare you.
  • Man, wish you had time to upload more videos. I can only imagine the other good series ideas you could come up with.
  • I love your videos! I hope you keep doing them for the rest of the game and then, FIFA 16 and so on . Cheers!
  • Good pronunciation of “Muchas Gracias” and “Adios” for being English … Great Series ! i really really enjoy it.
  • The next time you could say “Hasta pronto” or “Nos vemos luego”.
  • Dani alves! Awesome going forward… That’s about it.
  • Great video, great humor, great style of play! Keep it up mate!

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