Orlando City Now Really Playable in FIFA 15

In experienced great doubt, delay and speculation, FIFA 15 finally got into the game of Orlando City. Let’s look at what they did.

Playable in FIFA 15


If you’re a fan of FIFA video game, then you’ve most likely seen my FIFA 15 updates here on this website. With all the guessing about when EA Sports would update the game to include Orlando City SC, I hope this year’s competition will be updated here

However, after weeks of talks that there would be an update in February — and those updates never happening — I began to feel like it wouldn’t happen.

BUT, out of the blue yesterday, word began to spread that Orlando City And New York City FC made their way into the game. Naturally I rushed to turn on my PS4 to finally play with Orlando on FIFA 15. (As a side note, I did get the Orlando City roster on my PC for FIFA 15, before my computer updated and the game stopped working.)

As I opened up the game and looked into the rosters, I was heartbroken to see that Orlando wasn’t on the game. Naturally, I went to the internet and learned that Orlando is NOT on the next generation consoles yet (meaning PS4 and Xbox One). They only exist on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

For some reason, EA Sports put both expansion teams into the “Rest of World” section of the game, instead of into the MLS. Weird.

So, because I didn’t have a “last-gen” version of the game, I called up one of my friends, who helped me out. He gave me a rundown of the ratings of all the players from the game. Some are surprising, and others are disappointing.

Orlando City Now Playable

As you can see from this picture that my friend graciously took, some of the ratings are a bit surprising. The best surprise for Orlando fans is that Kevin Molino comes right out of the gate as a 67 overall. Original ratings from the game had him at a 49, so having him go up almost 20 is a nice thing to see. They also have Darwin Ceren at a 60 overall and as a starter, because they do not have Cristian Higuita on the roster yet. Rafael Ramos comes on as a 58 overall, which includes an 86 agility and 78 acceleration.

Meanwhile, on the bench, they have Josh Ford at a 58, Estrela at a 56, Eric Avila at a 64, Martin Paterson at a 64, Seb Hines at a 65, Carlos Rivas at a 64, Lewis Neal at a 60, Pedro Ribiero at a 61, Tyler Turner at a 56, Sean St. Ledger with the second best defender rating, at a 67, Tony Cascio at a 63, Tally Hall at a 67, Harrison Heath at 50 and Danny Mwanga at a 61.

With all of this said, the biggest disappointment in this update is Bryan Róchez. The young Designated Player is listed as the worst player on the Orlando City roster. Harrison Heath even has a one point advantage over him in ratings. It’s only a matter of time before these ratings get updated, but Róchez needs to prove over the next few weeks, that he deserves better than a 49 overall.

At the moment, if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, and I’ll be jealous of you. I hope that the folks with the “next-gen” consoles will get an update in the coming days. If there are any updates to FIFA 15, please stay tuned to this space and we’ll tell you all about it. This story will be updated with any news that comes out over the next few days.

At that time, to all you last-gen gamers: enjoy the fun! I envy you.