The Changes of FIFA 15‘s Ultimate Team Mode To Add Price Ranges

FIFA Ultimate Team began trending to Ultimate Team began last night after a FIFA 15 update saw price ranges added, the most popular (and profitable) game mode of FIFA 15 base on coin transfers, a tactic which many use in order to earn more money.

Although EA plans that preventing unofficial coin metastasis has been implemented, the message still has not declined with FIFA players, some even posting photos in their own social media which half of the game disc snapped up, or threats to play Pro Evolution Soccer instead, FIFA‘s closest rival.


Many believed these changes would make their way into FIFA 16, but it appears that EA has chosen to introduce them in FIFA 15 in order to soften the blow for when the next game comes around. Here’s how the addition of price ranges will impact upon FIFA 15‘s Ultimate Team mode:

All Price Ranges will be universal across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.
When you list an item on the Transfer Market, the range at which an item can be sold will appear. These price ranges will be set by the FIFA Team based on analysis of past Transfer Market prices.
Open bid transfers will be unavailable after Price Ranges have been activated. In order to list an item on the Transfer Market, you will have to set a “Buy It Now” price within the Price Range.
New ‘in-form’ FUT player items will receive a Price Range upon release.
The Price Range for certain players may be adjusted in the future as we work to improve this feature over time.
The Price Range for each FUT item will be set wide enough for you to still enjoy trading on the Transfer Market.

Many have pointed to this being an example of EA’s money-grubbing, with websites selling FIFA coins being a huge part of the game’s community and a source of income for many YouTubers who specialize in FIFA gameplay footage. Now that these unofficial coin transfers have been taken out by EA, this will now mean there is once again a larger emphasis placed upon packs, which offer a very low percentage for acquiring rare players, let alone Team of the Week/Month/Year cards.

With many people think that this could make the transfer market be destroyed as we know now it and spell a big dip in popularity for Ultimate Team in general, EA hope some player exit game by some ways that coaxing, threatening, or increasing the percentages of obtaining rare players from packs. Conversely, who can guarantee that this is not act that people threatening to boycott games / developer / publisher? Only to come crawling back when the next iteration in the series rolls around.

What do you think about this?