Albion Online: Its PvP Changes Make It Safer

As a player especially for targeted at some players whose are fond of exploring and gathering resources to craft, including me, I have a feeling of horrible, for PVP setting as well as troublesome respawn setting in Albion Online. Players are probably killed you and make you lose equipment in some areas, in case you are hunted, the best choice will be to go offline to avoid being killed around your place of dying time after time. For Albion Online players, they are focuses greatly on buy albion online gold.


Although Albion Online focuses greatly on PVP features, there are still many unwilling to be involved in. To make the game better, the team decided to expand PVP zones into 4 areas: green for safe, yellow for durability loss, red for full loot, dark one free from penalties for large group PVP.

Also the flagging system is introduced to alert dangerous coming and enable fast kill. This system is to tell you how many players are flagged in the map and helps you to decide to go or not. Since one can only kill others after flagging and once flagged one will become villain/criminal, others can easily run away ahead of time by the alert of flagged ones coming. As for PvPers, the flagging time is long enough for targets to run away, so they have to flag ahead of time which the sneak attack or ambush may not be easily applied. The need for more cheap albion silver since it can contribute to players smoothly playing gameplay.

It’s seems to that safer for none-PVPERS, nevertheless, I still have a doubtly regarding then following scenario: a map showing 3 flagged players is quite safe and I go in, but the three are waiting right outside the entrance and I am hunted down right away. I think Albion should make a small safe zone for entrances and once left the safe effect needs cooldown to avoid the above catastrophe(as to me). Do you want to learn more Albion Online news? it’s so easy and only to access: