PoE: Can Yellow Beasts Have At Least 50% Of A Red Beast’s Life

In Path of Exile, when I get a yellow beast little spider, just sneezing on it kills it. Would really like to see it get more life since it’s hard to control my Cyclone spins. I wish that the yellow beasts have at least 50% of a red beast’s life.

Path of Exile

The following are the views of other players:

1. Just throw a net on the yellow beast while it has 100% hp and then proceed to kill it. 100% capture chance there.

2. It’s really hard sometimes if it’s a small creature like those little spiders and it comes with a flock of spiders.

3. It usually die the moment I mouse over it. It’s kinda ok since I can select the corpse and use a necronet in case it’s a new/useful beast, but I hope this isn’t the end of this league QOLs.

4. Yellow beasts are just rare beasts with a Bestiary mod. They could probably make it so Bestiary creature mods also increased a creature’s health I guess. Would make reds even tankier, what with them having two of ’em, so they would have to lower their health to compensate.

5. Why do yellow beasts even exist. I feel every beast should be red once youre in a red map. The double layer RNG for red beast, then correct type of red beast makes the league mechanics not exist.

6. Honestly it wouldn’t be so bad if the targetting wasn’t atrocious. For small ones the biggest cancer is trying to clear nearby monsters without killing it.

7. That doesn’t really fix the real problems. If I really want to catch a yellow beast I can throw a net first and then DPS it down. They don’t have the same sort of crazy damage as red ones and you can toy with them a bit.

Of course, I believe that GGG will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the league they can.