Useful Tarpan’s Build Guide In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, GGG showcasing tarpan’s build for a Juggernaut that doesn’t do much killing itself, it does this by using the fated version of the Dancing Dervish unique sword, the Dancing Duo. The following is the tarpan’s build guide.

At the start of each map you pop all charges from 2 of your Worm flasks to start rampage. Then you run around the map and collect loot, while your swords do the killing.

Path of Exile

When you go a little slow or when you have to backtrack, remember to pop a flask charge before rampage expires (press the key when the bar is at 1/3, takes some time for the worms to spawn and for the swords to get there). When you lack of currency in game, poe orbs buy is an good choice.

For tough enemies like red beasts or bosses, pop vaal haste, your offering curse them with vulnerability and spam SRS to add a little damage.

1. Items:

  1. The Dancing Dervish: get one with perfect stats, it costs 1 Alch or Chaos – no reason to get a worse one Edit: since the start of the league prices increased quite a bit, if you are poor, start with a mediocre one and upgrade later.
  2. Boots: 30 Movement Speed is a must.
  3. Belt: 20% reduced Flask Charges used is a must.
  4. Body Armour: high Armour Value (1500+), because its doubled by the Juggernaut Ascendancy, makes you very tanky.
  5. Jewellry: Essence Craft Rings and Amulet with Essence of Fear until you get a decent life/resist roll. Buy a ilvl 84+ item with perfect implicit as a base for better stat possibilities.
  6. Bought the new crab armor to try it out and managed to six link it in 10 fusings. It has high Armour and Life and I hate bleeding so it’s awesome for me. Not neccessary at all though.
  7. The 30% Quality corruption is pretty nice for our sword, remember you cant change socket colors after that though.

2. Skills:

  1. Sword Faster Attacks, Damage on Full Life, Additional Accuracy, Melee Physical Damage, Maim, Minion Damage.
  2. Possibilities: Minion Speed for lower maps or before you have minion speed jewellry. Multistrike also works with the dancing dervish, I did not try it myself yet.
  3. SRS Summon Raging Spirit, Melee Physical Damage, Culling Strike, Blood Magic, Minion Damage, Melee Splash.
  4. Animate Guardian Animate Guardian, Minion Life, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance, Fortify.
  5. Auras Wrath, Hatred, Vaal Haste, Generosity.
  6. Utility Blood Magic, Vulnerability, Flame Dash, Spirit Offering.

By the time you hit level 59 you should have all the Minion Damage nodes on the tree aswell as the Dexterity Nodes on the right side so you can actually use The Dancing Dervish right away. You will still need some more Dex, get it on Jewels, Amulet or Boots. for more guides, you can visit