Effective MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide

In MapleStory 2, do you know the easiest way to level up quickly? You need to do all of the quests that are available for your character. Follow the steps in the guide below and having enough Ms mesos, you will find that things will become so simple.

Bear in mind that choose the one that give the most experience points and doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes to complete.

maplestory 2

1. Find a Good Party Member

While playing the game, you will most likely come across someone who is training on the same map as you do. If you think they look strong enough and is not an AFKER, then you should start trying to request a party with them. Once you are in party and they seems to be actively enough, you can start adding them to your buddy list for future maple training buddies.

2. Find a Good Map’s Channel

When you are planning to go training for a long period of time, you want to choose the best channel that has the least lag so you can focus more on training than fixing your connections. Lag also known as “slow internet server connection response time” is the worst thing that could happen while you are in a training session.

It could cause you to not be able to heal your HP and MP on time which result in an instant death and losing all of your hard earned exp. So before doing anything, find the best channel that you feel comfort with and start killing!

3. Join Party Quests (PQ)

Party Quests unlike regular quest are extremely fun to do and with great exp rewards. PQ are a type of quest that will required atleast 2 or more members in the same party to complete it. It is made up of multiple stages that must be cleared in order to get exp bonuses.

In some Party Quests, after the final stage has been cleared, you will get teleport to a special map that has tons of treasure boxes where you can hit it to open and find many hidden equipment, mesos, and scroll inside the box.

4. Kill Bosses in MapleStory 2

In Maplestory 2, when you have reached a certain level where you can actually solo a full boss by yourself, you can gradually level up much quicker by mixing regular training with bossing at the same time to make things easier and less boring for you.

Most of the currently higher level boss like Zakum can not yet be solo however, You can actually take down the lower level bosses by yourself if you have a strong enough and decent gears to use. One thing that you will need to keep in mind is that if your HP or Avoid is not high enough to handle the boss that you are planning to fight, you should stay away from it until you’ve become stronger because you will just wasting your EXP from die trying.

5. Best Maps to Train in MS2

Level 01-10: Do Beginner’s Quests
Level 10-12: Train at White Boulder Mountain
Level 12-16: Train at Beach Way
Level 16-20: Train at Five Colored Tree Forest
Level 20-25: Train at Shadow Gate
Level 25-30: Train at Prism Falls
Level 30-32: Train at Sweet Valley (Kill Purple Chickens and Mushrooms)
Level 32-35: Train at Rough Sand Hill (Kill Cactus, Trees, and Bees)
Level 35-36: Train at Melted Garden (Kill Black Chickens, Bees, and Wheel Bunny)
Level 36-40: Train at Small Rock Cliff (Kill Skeletons and Scorpions)

I believe that other experienced players will be better than my tips, but these are the reasons for my success, and I sincerely hope it will help you too.