FIFA 20 L1/LB Lay-off Passing

Another way to utilize the L1/LB button and to help add more unpredictability to your game AND to make your 1-2 passes less obvious/harder to defend to use a lay-off pass with an ST. As you can see in the diagram below, when the ball is played into one of your front men or wingers, for example, this is where you play the 1-2 pass. By playing this little lay-off pass (whilst holding the L1/LB) you will get a few advantages: it will allow your ST to build up more speed/give him time to reach his sprinting speed for the return pass; it will mean (generally) that the CDM, CM or CAM who is playing the lobbed through ball will have better, more accurate passing stats; it will confuse opposition defenders, and it will help to push the opposition defensive line higher up the pitch to leave more space for you to exploit.

This method works similarly to the tip a couple of pages above about missing a man and then playing the through ball. This method works best when the opposition has space behind their defense.

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