Let Your Neverwinter Leveling Easier

I’m a long time game veteran with experiences in different mmo games and genre. My

leveling tips used to work for all MMOs but not in Neverwinter Dungeons and Dragons.

Feeling outdated, I wanted to learn how to tackle the game right from the beginning

without wasting time relearning the basics: How do I level up efficiently without

wasting time or getting the right build set-ups from the beginning? What kinds of

builds are available for PvE and PvP engagement without resorting to intense, time

wasting research? How can I possibly craft legendary gear without wasting time and

precious resources? Driven by these questions, I searched for a definite solution to

solve these riddles.

Judging from other Neverwinter mmo blogs, I checked through posts and it so happens

others share these same concerns. Many list out build recommendations but others

claim (via the replies) these fail to work. Where does that leave me? Killer Guides.

Searching through the posts, I came across a website called Killer Guides, a company

advertising mmo PDF downloadable guides including Neverwinter. The website offers 3

guides for $19.99 USD each and a Neverwinter bundle for a flat rate of $49.99 USD.

According to their website, the leveling guide advertises ‘cutting-edge’ leveling

methods to achieve the level cap under 7 days. The guide publicizes in providing

literal step-by-step instructions how to efficiently develop a build without

‘screwing up’ from the beginning. This was exactly what I was looking for; direct

instructions aimed to help me from the get-go.
One of the books’ crowning chapter was the leveling section which contained rich

information about how to properly level, using methods developed by the author. The

benefits of the leveling chapter was the ability to put the methods into practice in

real time. I chose one of the recommendations and headed over to one of the dungeons.

By default I never expected the method to work, strategically speaking. However,

after following the guide closely, it dawned on me why the author directed me to use

these rotations. The result was spot on; I was able to topple my enemies under 2

minutes using the given strategies and as a result, received a heap load of exp and

quickly too! Trying out another recommended strategy, I advanced further into the

dungeon and encountered another set of mobs. Again, using the given rotation,

monsters were easily dispatched and as an added bonus, I was rewarded with rare loot

and Neverwinter Astral Diamonds.
I began to realize how effective these methods were the moment they’re used in

succession. Leveling became enjoyable fun than simply running around grinding. In the

end, I was able to level up 3 times as fast and gained a couple of levels within

several hours.
What I truly appreciated as well were the leveling methods for solo players and for

group settings. The author made sure nobody was left out.

Skill Builds
The skill builds and rotations section demonstrates the author’s expertise in the

field. With the help of the author, I was able to construct several builds to be put

to the test. The suggested builds worked effectively well; I was able to boost my

damage by 20% and defenses by another 15% at semi-early levels. I did not expect the

builds to provide a boost to my character but I’m glad the author proved me wrong.

Next, I focused on rotations.
There was not one, or two but several rotations I can chose from. Selecting a couple

of rotations to try out, I tested how effective they would be. I was surprised again,

how these simple (and extremely overlooked) rotations perfected extremely well. My

character benefited from keeping a safe distance from the opposition and blasting

several spells according to the advice provided. The enemy was unable to get close to

me before it was defeated. It’s quite difficult to put into words but these

rotations simply work. Of course, if you happen to not agree with what the author

says, there’s always options to choose another rotation that works best for you. In

the end, the rotations, in my own opinion, were 100% more effective than rotations

suggested by players on forum threads.
Final Notes:
To be frank, I have never read a well thought-out guide such as the Neverwinter

guide. The provided information was extremely clear-cut and the advised methods

simply worked in my favor. Prior to using this guide, I’ve come across other sources

which advised me on using particular leveling methods but unfortunately, fail to

impress me. In contrast, this book alone provided me all the well deserved ‘cutting

-edge’ strategies that work and for a low price of $19.99 USD, every recommendation

was worth it. There’s so much in the guide I would like to talk about but I think it

’s best for you to read through the guide yourself I would love to share these

leveling methods with you but due to Killer Guides’ strict single license, sharing

would be in serious violation of their policy. I also Hope I could get some good

leveling service, if I can buy neverwinter astral diamonds during the leveling

service, I will be appreciated. I really hope my job on Neverwinter will be better

and better.