PvP and Model in Neverwinter

All players who play WOW are familiar with PVP and PVE. Now we should get some

similar knowledge on Neverwinter in order to play this game well. We know that PVP

will be available in Neverwinter, but it wasn’t implemented in the Beta so I couldn

’t test it yet. The developers have stated that they wanted to finish the rest of

the game before they start with PVP, and that makes me feel like PVP isn’t very

important to them. For me personally, that’s not a problem because I suck at PVP.

All the same, if you want to release PVP, make sure it’s good. Don’t release PVP if

it’s going to suck anyway. You might just leave it out then because it’s only going

to be bad publicity for your game.

There’s not a lot of information available for the end game of Neverwinter. The only

real info we got so far is about a foundry; a place where you can create user-

generated content. Every player can be their own dungeon master and create a dungeon

for their friends to explore. You can also rate each other’s dungeons, so that’s

pretty nice. Sadly, the Level Editor wasn’t in the Beta yet, so I didn’t get a

chance to test it out. I did however, get to play a few pre-made dungeons and those

were pretty good; it showed a lot of possibilities. The real question here is, is

this enough to fill up the end game? What are you going to do when you hit level 60?

Which is the max level, by the way. Are you just going to play Foundry all day? I don

’t know. Let’s just hope that Neverwinter doesn’t make the same mistake a lot of

other MMO’s do; that is releasing with a lack of end game content. That has been the

downfall of several MMOs already.

Neverwinter is going to be a free-to-play game, and this is dangerous because there’

s always a chance of getting a pay-to-win game instead. For those who don’t know

what pay-to-win is, it’s basically that you need to spend money to be any good at a

game. For example, you have to buy better gear like Neverwinter Astral Diamonds from

the shop in MMOBUX. Let’s hope this will not be an issue and that we’ll only be

able to buy good cosmetic items, mounts, and maybe an XP Boost. However, Cryptic

Studios hasn’t released any details on what they’re going to sell in the shop and

how much the price is going to be.

One thing is certainly for sure, Neverwinter is a game you should definitely keep

your eye on. It’s strongest points so far are the gameplay and the ability to create

your own content. However, we don’t know anything about the end game yet, and there

’s not a lot of info about what we’re going to be able to buy with real money.

There was also no PVP available in this Beta. I’m afraid we’ll just have to wait

and see. So far, the game has a lot of potential but it could go both ways. Let’s

hope Cryptic Studios.

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