New Neverwinter Endgame Content On Its Way

We’ve already been giving you the scoop on Neverwinter‘s expansion this Summer

called Fury of the Feywild. Cryptic has quite a bit lined up for players to explore

including the new zone Sharandar, some companion changes, new professions, and

Foundry updates.
Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild
Today we just got some information on a new Neverwinter endgame instance being added

to the free to play MMORPG. Malabog Castle will be the latest delve for players to

take on. While we only have very basic details at this time, it sounds like this new

addition to the Neverwinter endgame will be a standard party sized instance and will

feature multiple bosses in your path as you fight your way to the confrontation with

King Malabog himself.

What kind of bosses? Well let’s let Cryptic shed a little light here:

“What may you encounter inside Malabog’s Castle? Be on the lookout for Krol

Nightforge, a cyclops servicing King Malabog as his master smith. Survive that

encounter and your party will face King Malabog and his forces remaining in the

castle – you must succeed!”

One aspect of the expansion that hasn’t received a ton of explanation though,

probably because it really isn’t Neverwinter endgame related, is the Campaign

system. I’d like more details soon on this one. Right now it is described as “new

districts of the zone open up as you complete the story line” and I have to wonder

if this means phasing. If it does, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I have to admit though, I like the update frequency we’re seeing so far out of the

team at Cryptic. Can they keep up the pace and address issues that already exist at

the same time? We’ll have to wait and see.