Neverwinter Launch Date And “Expansion” Confirmed

Cryptic Studios is set to make it official when they remove the “open beta” tag and

make the Neverwinter launch official. The Neverwinter release date is set as June

20th. That’s not all though. The free to play MMORPG will be getting some new high

level content to herald in the official release. Dungeons and Dragons fans will be

given entry into Gauntlgrym, a PvE and PvP end game battle.
In addition to the new content, an upcoming update will be throwing in a ton of bug

fixes, ability tweeking, and even massive class changes across the board. Get ready

to learn some of the intricacies of your class over again as adjustments will be made

to threat, damage, and basically all elements of the currently available classes.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! As if this wasn’t enough good news for the Neverwinter

release, Cryptic has also announced an expansion. Yes, you read that right, an

expansion. The added content, dubbed Fury of the Feywild, will be released in classic

D&D fashion as a module and you can expect to get your hands on that content this


While details on the expansion content are scarce right now a module site is up and

running so be sure to keep stopping back and checking out the updates as they are


So where do you stand on this? While Cryptic has used the word “expansion” do you

think this will be more of a content update or will we really be playing a full blown

expansion a few months after the actual Neverwinter release? Are you excited for the

massive class updates that are incoming? Tell me how you’re feeling about

Neverwinter now that most of us have played it for quite some time now.