Whispering Caverns Neverwinter Trailer

The Whispering Caverns lie deep beneath the Underdark northwest of the city of

Neverwinter, and in Cryptic’s latest trailer we get a glimpse of this foreboding

network of tunnels and caves, as well as a look at what dark evils await us there.

Adventurers should beware the dangers that await in the deep dark places of the

Forgotten Realms.
New Opening Cinematic Heralds in Neverwinter’s Open Beta
In a dangerous alliance with the Drow, a group of Mindflayers look to seize control

of the Whispering Caverns. Hidden within the caves lies the Iron Heart, a gateway to

the prison of an ancient evil that was locked away long ago. The Neverwinter trailer

reveals that this ancient evil seems to have taken control of the Mindflayers and is

gathering them. For what purpose is yet unknown, but it seems to be only a matter of

time before this ancient evil is unleashed to wreak havoc upon the lands.

Neverwinter is now in open beta and anyone can download and try the game for free.

There will not be any further character wipes, so the characters you create are yours

to keep forever. This latest Neverwinter trailer showcases just one of the many zones

this free-to-play MMORPG has to offer, and there are lots of dungeons to explore as

well. Add to that Skirmishes, PvP, and all the player created Foundry content that is

being created and there shouldn’t be a shortage of things to do in Neverwinter.

We’ve got plenty of Neverwinter coverage happening here at Gamebreaker, including a

First Look Dat Game video, a 10 Tips For Neverwinter Beginners article, and even a

look at theFoundry editor, plus plenty of other content. There’s also still plenty

more Neverwinter coverage coming in the days ahead, so stay tuned and we hope to see

you in game!