Neverwinter unveils the Campaign system

No system has yet been put into place for completely derailing the campaign with your character.

The first major content addition to Neverwinter isn’t just bringing new dungeons, it’s bringing a new way to experience the game’s content. The new Campaign system will see its debut in the region of Sharandar. This isn’t just another name for a series of quests, but rather a new way for players to unlock both new rewards and new areas simply by adventuring and completing larger goals.

The Campaign window is a new UI element that lists a number of Projects players can undertake. Questing in the area, running solo instances, or diving into the new dungeons will provide new rewards that can be spent on clearing projects, unlocking new regions, new dungeons, and so forth. Players can also earn new equipment by completing other Projects, which offers several methods to reap the benefits of hard work. The new system, like the rest of the content, is still due out for sometime this summer.