Neverwinter gets a new trailer

Neverwinter gets a new trailer

Raise your hand if you like Neverwinter. Raise another hand if you like lore. If you’ve got both hands up, go ahead and clap a bit because we’ve got news of a lore trailer for Neverwinter’s mysterious Chasm. Or don’t. You could put your hands down and just watch the trailer and that’d be just fine.

The Chasm came about after the eruption of Mount Hotenow and an ensuing earthquake. According to the lore, the Chasm “began vomiting out foul creatures,” and you know what has to happen when the earth itself begins upchucking baddies: Heroes have gotta go fight ’em.

Skip below the cut to feast your eyes.

When this game was originally on the drawing boards, it was lobby-based and party-based, and a player’s party could consist of players and/or NPCs (henchmen) in any combination, much like Guild Wars 1. I absolutely love that design format.

I get that Neverwinter is now an MMO and not lobby-based, but I wonder if they have jettisoned the NPC party option as well? I really, really hope not. I enjoy grouping with other players I know, and I’m even willing to PUG on occasion, but I vastly prefer tackling group content with NPCs to PUG-ing on a regular basis.