Players starting in Neverwinter…

Tips/Advice for players starting in Neverwinter…


I’ve decided to make a thread where players can post up any tips/advice they have for players starting out in the game. I have some of my own, but please do add any you happen to have or think would help players out, since the game essentially starts off very soon.

The tips I have are:

1) Looking for mouse zoom? Press the “b” key to toggle to screen shot mode which will allow you to mouse wheel/zoom around your character like other MMO’s. Sadly, this is the only way you can mouse zoom in the game at this time.

2) The “N” key will toggle open the professions menu. I think this is available for players at level 10 (might be earlier, i’m not 100% sure)

3)Bought Zen or got Bonus AD? You can claim these from the small Diamond shape icon in the menu at the top center of the screen.

4)Where are your founders items? Click on the mail icon in the menu at the top center of the screen. You will see your founders items mail. These will have attachments with them. You need to go to the Mail Courier in the first zone you enter after the tutorial (Protectors Enclave) to collect these items. Press the “M” key to open your map when your there & go to the Mail icon on the map.

5)You can use mounts at level 20.

That’s all the ones I have so far. Please add to these.