Neverwinter:Some thoughts on ‘Professions’

Some thoughts on ‘Professions’

Yesterday I was a bit sad and tired, today I can see things more clearly with a ‘cool head’

So, first of all, as a fun note, we should really rename ‘professions’ tab into ‘slavery’ tab. Because our actual hero does pretty much nothing, only commands a bunch of manslaves that probably work for food (only mercenaries get some porridge, others don’t even get that )

As for times and quality of crafted stuff – it’s actually fine I guess. The items that gotten in early levels are clearly not for ‘wearing'(although it would be neat if we could craft cosmetic items that way). I strongly hope that on higher levels we will be able to to make custom stuff – choose appearance, stats, empty ench slots, etc – then crafting would be awesome.

What I sort of disliked was lack of notification when crafting was done. No audio sounds or a flashing message, JUST a line in chat. It’s very easy to miss it in combat, so doing short ’10 min’ tasks becomes really uncomfortable. Unless that was the point, the visual notification of ‘task over’ should be redone to be more visible.

Lack of ability to make a ‘queue of tasks'(so you start one task after finishing another automatically) is also a bit sad. At least for a couple of hours, I don’t ask for an ability to make a plan for 24hours ahead I understand that it may be a way to make things harder so people don’t get things easily(and are forced to spent AD), but this will be solved with scripts and bots if devs don’t make any official ‘queue’, which is not so great I’d say.

Also, I didn’t see any tasks to ‘train’ assets. I was lucky enough to get a ‘blue’ tailor (+25% to speed) from last BW, but seeing how they are sold for zen in this weekend I think it was actually a huge one-time luck. Hopefully we will be able to train assets without real money involved.

So, so far professions don’t look bad, they are quite promising. On the other hand, seeing how devs first introduce some feature and then add as much ‘pay to win'(3 tiers of ID scrolls for example; or the new ‘360 day’ angel in comparison to ’40 day’ from previous weekend) I’m a bit worried about how profession will look on release.