Neverwinter closes in on another beta weekend

I'm going to fight this weapon so hard.

Some people are pretty good at fighting weapons, but sometimes you just need a great weapon fighter. Someone who really fights weapons better than…

Wait, we’re sorry. Neverwinter’s Great Weapon Fighter is a class that fights with great weapons, not a great fighter of weapons. The name can be read a couple of different ways, but since the class is on display in the latest spotlight (complete with video past the break) you can clear up any misconceptions about it fairly easily.

Of course, you can’t quite clear up those misconceptions via open beta, since Neverwinter isn’t opening the gates until April 30th. Founders and other beta testers can enjoy the game’s latest beta weekend very soon, however, with the test period starting on Friday at 3:00 p.m. EDT. This latest weekend is featuring both the crafting system and the new Gateway system, so testers should look forward to several new features starting on Friday.