Neverwinter Open Beta Help and Tips

Open Beta – Help And Tips

The thread is from the Beta Weekend, but I am seeing a LOT of the same questions that are asked, so I am posting it here. If it gets stickied, awesome, if not, please feel free to make a comment to keep it up on the first page. And most of all thank you.

And a special thank you to the mods who have helped support this thread as well. Including but not limited to Zebular!

This is an updated FAQ type tips thread. The original thread is found here.

Please inform people in game of this post to help answer the more common questions out there. Who knows, maybe veterans will get something out of this as well. If there is anything else that should be entered to help folks out, please post it.

For those who are new, or old alike, these tips might help you out in your starting out as an adventurer in Faerun! Welcome!

Ginormous OFFICIAL FAQ for the game can be found here.

o Crafting consists of 5 professions. You use the N button to open it up, and you can be a master of all 5 professions on a character. You only get one active crafting slot until you are level 30 or level 3 in a profession and there are other requirements to unlock a total of 9 crafting slots.

o You can begin crafting at level 10!

o Leadership crafting does not make anything. It helps you earn xp for your character and find items to help you out, like ingredients for other professions or health potions. The other 4 are self explanatory.

o Your character can be injured now. These injuries can be healed with a Minor Wounds Kit pre 30 and a Major Wounds kit post 30 (from what I can gather). You gain injuries from dying. They can also be healed being next to a campfire for 5 minutes per injury.

o You do not sustain injuries if another player raises you.

Astral diamonds…

o You will receive your astral diamonds when you enter the game. The total of diamonds you can obtain is pooled to all characters on your account ***UNTIL*** you claim some on that character. When you claim from the pool of diamonds you CANNOT share the diamonds among other characters.
There are ways around this, but you will lose some Astral Diamonds in the process.

o You can also sell Zen to buy astral diamonds.

o You can sell Astral Diamonds to buy Zen.

o To get your astral diamonds, look at the top of your screen and look for the diamond icon, click it and that is how you transfer them to your character.

o Rhix is a kobold who is next to the Astral Diamond Vendor in Seven Suns gives a daily quest for 1,000 rough Diamonds. Enjoy

o The mailbox is a person. It is called Postal Courier and added to the map. He is located near the auction house.

o It is possible to Transfer Claimed Astral Diamonds from one Character to another Character on the same account and the same shard

To do this, you first need to open up the Astral Diamond Exchange (The Gem Icon on the Menu Bar) and then you will need to place an offer to Buy Zen for Astral Diamonds (in effect, selling your ADs). Immediately after placing the Listing, cancel the Listing on your active trades tab. This will then place those Astral Diamonds into an Exchange Pool. You can then log out of that character and log in with a different character and go into the Exchange and claim them from your Exchange Pool. You cannot transfer Astral Diamonds across Shards however, as each Shard has it’s own Astral Diamond Exchange and Auction Houses. You can only place refined Astral Diamonds into the Exchange

o When giving directions to someone, all the points of interests are numbered on the map and next to the numbers in the legend is the name of what you are looking for, and is, in most cases in alphabetical order (M to get to map) now the numbers will change depending on what quests you have going on… so telling someone to look for number 10 on the map, may not be effective as they are looking for number 11.

o If you are stuck then Press H, then press GM Support. Now choose that you are Stuck and choose that you are physically stuck in terrain. Now instead of Requesting GM Help, press I’m still stuck, Still Stuck, then Defeat Me. This will kill your character allowing you to respawn at the nearest respawn point. You can use /killme to get you to the same window!

o Companions are awesome. When you get to level 16 you are able to perform a quest that will reward you your choice of one free companion out of five: Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, Guardian and Dog. You get a guardian and cleric companion later on so unless you truly need one or the other, I suggest you get something different for the reward.

o You can purchase companions from the Zen store. From what I tested, I have no problems with any of the companions off the Zen store and they are awesome!

o Companions can be equipped with Runestones and jewelry. Companions will vary on which jewelry they will be able to equip (some might take rings, others amulets).

o Ghost (Not available at this time) is actually pretty decent now. They added a second ability that allows the ghost to possess a minion (lesser enemy) and when possession is over, minion dies.

o You can level up your companions and SELL THEM. Yes, fully equipped (minus the jewelry), leveled up companions can be boxed up and sold (need diamonds to box up).

o If you have 2 companions, while one is training up, you can pull the other one and continue adventuring. You can speed up the training by spending Astral Diamonds.

o For more information on Companions, Please visit Civildude’s post.

o Save your money as much as you can. If you don’t bother buying new equipment until you get to your 20s you can get a mount at level 20 for 2 Gold 50 Silver without any problems.

o Team up!!! You get better loot, better xp and you clear areas much much faster. In game voice may or may not work, so your mileage may vary. But team up!

oTo collect your Founder’s Title and the Bag of Holding and other goodies,you must go see the Founder Agent directly west of SGT Knox on the opposite end of the map if you do not get it in the mail. He is now on the map.

o The VIP lounge is found on the western edge of the city and is accessed via a teleport pad.

o GMs will be in game. They work in shifts. The Western support and Europe support. One will have GM in front of their name I believe and the other will have PW in their name. The two I met last beta were awesome, and they answered the same questions at least 100 times, and they were like machines, because they never became agitated. One word to describe them: professionals. Props to you GM Effreet!

o The “Bounty” NPCs allow you to turn in specific loot items that might look like junk, for seals, in turn you can purchase new equipment.

o Campfires are all over the place here. Stay at one for a few moments and you get a temporary 15 minute buff (hopefully they extend this a bit) which helps with combat and regeneration of health and skill/power points. They give +1 to all stats now and last 15 minutes. Altars do NOT allow you to “pray”. CTRL + I is the shortcut to pray. You can start this at level 11 after taking the quest near the Campfire in the city.

o You can combine runestones and the equipment version of runestones. If you have 4 of the same “level” you can combine them for a better version of the item. Then 4 more of that type and level to make a better version of that item. I did 3 of them last beta and improved them 4 times (get’s tedious).

o Lost? Overwhelmed by your quests? Not sure where to go? Hit the Z button and it lights up a path on where you are supposed to go…

o How to see your FPS in game? /showfps 1 and to turn it off, /showfps 0

o If you are trying to the skirmishes and the “events” but find that no mobs are spawning and it just is not working because it looks like it is finished… start a group, and make sure it is a full group, then queue for it, THIS tip will save you a ton of frustration.

o Need Identification scrolls? The Astral Diamond Vendor sells them for 15, 45, 125 Diamonds a piece respectively to your level. Or other players may auction them off on the auction house, which ironically deals in Diamonds.

o If you purchased the Hero of the North and/or Guardian packs, to use the title function in the forums, go to User CP Then Permission Groups, Then select what you want people to see.

o Possible Ability Score combinitions by derangedhero. Kudos.

o If you cannot see the instance your group mates are on the instance they are in is probably full. Either have them come to you or keep closing and opening the Instance Transfer Selection window until you see the Instance you’re looking for (to get there, press M then “Change Instance” on the bottom right). What you’re basically doing is refreshing the list waiting for a spot to open up in the instance for you to see and join.

o To chat, follow these instructions from the might Zebular!
Indeed, /p is for party and /g is for guild chat.
type /r to reply to the last person who sent you a tell.
A couple examples I’ll use my details in explanation:
type /tell @zebular send me a message no matter what character I am on
type /tell myradaxx dae’vesh@zebular to send my specific character a message if I am on her.
When typing a tell (or any slash command) to a person, the game will automatically try to fill in the details(after typing in 3 characters) if they are a friend, guild member or someone you’ve sent tells to that play session. So, above, by the time you’d get to typing “myr” the game should automatically be suggesting the rest of my character name to auto-fill for you.

STO has quite a list of commands, as does Neverwinter. To see NWO’s, type /cmdlist in game – but be warned, the list is heafty!

o In order to walk in game, you will need to do the following : While in game, type /bind X ++walk

Where X is the key you want to use as your walk toggle. That’s it. The key now toggles walk.
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