Neverwinter beta weekend features Control Wizard, new zones

Neverwinter zombies

Perfect World has officially unveiled Neverwinter’s next beta weekend. It starts tomorrow, March 8th, and runs through March 10th. New to this phase are the Ebon Downs and Lair of the Mad Dragon zones as well as the opportunity to advance all the way to level 40. Players may also test drive the Control Wizard class for the first time.

Perfect World and Cryptic are also opening up a bit more of the game’s player-generated Foundry functionality for public consumption. Finally, the devs have released a new video teaser which is viewable after the break.

This is comming from someone extremely exceptic about MMOs other than WoW, i do want options but nothing comes close to it right now

And this game looks like is going to be a surprise

+. Varying difficulty, from easy to insane (mods)

+ Nice art and concepts, stylish but impacting (better than WoW imo)

+ Nice action based combat animations (looks a better than WoW)

So this is not going to be turn based (or pause style) right? like the original NW

Looks interesting