Neverwinter site goes live with a new trailer

Praise Tyr! Cryptic Studios announced today that the official Neverwinter website has gone live. Neverwinter, for those unaware, is an in-development game from Cryptic Studios that brings players to the famous Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons and particularly to the city of Neverwinter. In the game’s timeline, the city has recently been razed by a volcanic eruption. Though it has been partially restored to its former glory, it’s up to the players to defend the city and fully rebuild the Jewel of the North.

The site is full of information on the game, including backstory, planned features, an FAQ, and a peek at the game’s content creation kit called The Foundry. It’s also got some lovely concept art and early screenshots from the game, and of course, a news feed so everyone anticipating this new release can keep up on the latest updates. Lastly, be sure to check back with us Thursday for an interview with the folks behind Neverwinter straight from E3, and watch the new trailer after the cut.

NWN was awesome. There were some really awesome gaming and modding communities, some of the ALFA players and DMs were truly amusing… but, as others noted, I have to say I feel my D&D love balanced by Cryptic hate. I can’t stand Jack Emmert. He manages to keep a decent team but any time he makes a personal comment I can’t help but feel like a disagree with him on everything.

I would love to see Forgotten Realms get AAA MMORPG treatment, though. I wish I lived in the parallel universe where Bioware is about to go live on their Bhaalspawn MMORPG…