Cryptic reveals Neverwinter’s Mount Hotenow zone

Cryptic reveals Neverwinter's Mount Hotenow zone, new video

Cryptic has released a new zone preview for Neverwinter. This time around, the subject is Mount Hotenow, and it’s intended for high-level adventurers and stuffed to the gills with iconic Forgotten Realms enemies.

Fire giants abound, and there’s also the ancient primordial who caused Mount Hotenow’s eruption in the first place. Cryptic’s new dev diary expands on that setup, as does the new preview video that we’ve embedded for you after the break.

Epic!  All we now is the Dungeonmaster’s voice from DDO to introduce this and make periodic comments on the story progression.  I swear that was one of the best features of that game.

Does anyone know how this game is handling level disparities?  I know, I’m spoiled by GW2’s dynamic leveling and a few other games’ sidekicking/mentor/whatever you want to call it system; is it too much to ask for this in Neverwinter?  Cryptic, I’m lookin’ at you!