Your first 15 minutes in Neverwinter

Neverwinter Video

The first Neverwinter beta weekend is behind us, and while founders got a chance to hack their way through throngs of kobolds while exploring the Forgotten Realms, everyone else is no doubt still eager for more information. How does the combat feel? Do the powers follow the D&D rules closely? What kinds of attacks will I use as the various classes? How does the questing work?

These are all valid questions for any gamer still on the fence about Cryptic’s inbound MMO. Neverwinter will be free-to-play at launch, but the only way to guarantee access to the next two beta weekend events is to shell out $60 or $200 for one of the Founder’s packs.

In case you’ve missed our previous coverage, we’ve reported on the Cloak Tower dungeon, character creation (twice), and given our first impressions of the beta weekend. Today, we’ll highlight the low-level powers and feats from all three available classes and the first 15 minutes of Neverwinter’s gameplay. Hopefully, these videos will help you decide whether to wait for the game’s launch or pony up some scratch to get into the next beta event.

After Cryptic’s last couple games, I’m just not expecting anything great. Not horrible, just not that great.

I want to like Champions, but it feels limited and Cryptic seems to have abandoned any real development there.

I want to like Star Trek Online, but again, it feels limited and repetitive with maybe slightly more development – but for its lifespan, pretty weak in the growth.

ArenaNet, Blizzard, etc… there are developers out there who show you that an MMO asks for your money on an continuous basis and should, in return, offer continual growth. It seems the only thing Cryptic really adds to their games are more cash shop items.