Neverwinter’s Orcs ready for their closeup

Neverwinter orc

Are you fond of greenskin brutes with big battleaxes and bad breath? Do you tire of maggoty bread after three stinkin’ days? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’ll probably appreciate the latest trailer for Neverwinter, because it’s an Orc-infested smorgasbord from start to finish.

Perfect World wants you to know that “Orcs have always been a major threat to Humans, Elves and Dwarves. Laying claim to the area in the northern half of the old Tower District, Orcs have made the Cloak Tower in Neverwinter their home,” says the company’s latest PR blast. “Even the most courageous heroes will have to fight their way through the ruins of this district to put an end to the Orc domination and help restore Neverwinter to her former glory.”

I don’t think their story will be too strong, and certainly not up to Bioware’s, Salvatore’s or Westwood’s. But their Foundry I hope will be brilliant.

What I really wish is that all of the old SSI games will be redone in the Foundry. Hah, I may have to clone myself so I can play them 24/7 lol.

Can’t wait for this game.