NWN’s Fury of the Feywild lands August 22nd


What people seem to be realizing here, is that the Moon Elf race is a major saving!

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios didn’t even let the launch-day paint dry (that’s the officially official launch, not the one that let everyone in to play) before announcing Neverwinter’s first free content update. And now that expansion has a launch date of its very own: Fury of the Feywild will go live on August 22nd. On that date Neverwinter players will gain access to a host of goodies, including the new zone Sharandar, new dungeons, new professions, and the new Campaign System.

Players, however, don’t have to wait until the module releases to get into the spirit of it; two special packs filled with Feywild-themed rewards are available for purchase. The starter pack consists of a portal hound companion, a Feywild hunter’s ring, a fine Elven silk bag, and an adventurer’s helper pack. Players can purchase multiple starter packs per account for $19.99 each. The knight of the Feywild pack offers a unicorn mount, a Sylph companion, the Moon Elf race, 600,000 astral diamonds, and more for $59.99.

This game was fun, but I felt it had it’s limit. You can completely ignore the cash shop and the user content can be interesting. It does however need more classes, it launched with 5. I played my first pick until around 20 before he got stale and I wanted something new. I not having any interest in the other 4 classes decided to wait until more are released to play the game again. A melee cleric or paladin would be great, another type of wizard at least and maybe update the fighters. Anyone else have some suggestions? I can just feel the ranger comments coming.