New Neverwinter dev diary is all about mounts

Neverwinter - Spider mount

Mounts are kind of a thing in MMOs, and Neverwinter is no exception. The latest Perfect World dev diary shines the spotlight on four-or-more-legged transportation, and the company says that it is “drawing on D&D lore for all kinds of spectacular mounts.”

Said mounts will be available from Founder’s Packs, the cash shop, and in-game as mid-level rewards. The devs are also planning on dedicated PvP and Foundry mounts. It’s also worth mentioning that mounts are not class- or race-specific. As long as you’ve unlocked a mount, your avatar can ride it regardless of his physical size or lack thereof.

Ugh the spider thing again.  I left Rift for it and wont play another game with them.  Yea I know traditionally tough little gamer boy speak doesn’t allow for arachnophobia but there it is.  Don’t get me wrong if I can kill them its fine, I can tolerate pets but mounts, it was just too much.  Yea call me lame but Ill be playing the game with out spider mounts.