DDO vs. Neverwinter

Dungeons and Dragons Online - Beholder

By now you’ve probably had a chance to sample the new Neverwinter MMO, and if not then you’ve surely availed yourself of all our excellent textual and video coverage during the ongoing beta. You probably also know that Neverwinter marks the second official Dungeons and Dragons-based MMO to grace our favorite genre, the first being 2006’s Dungeons and Dragons Online.

While it may not seem fair to pit a seven-year-old game against the new shiny, we’re going to do it anyway because there’s something to be said for age and experience. So, how about it? DDO vs. Neverwinter, 3.5 vs. 4th edition, Eberron vs. the Forgotten Realms, and Turbine vs. Cryptic. What say you Massively readers? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: DDO vs. Neverwinter
Dungeons and Dragons Online 421 (36.0%)
Neverwinter 749 (64.0%)