Neverwinter unveils the Devoted Cleric

Sickness and health, I guess.

There’s a lot of devotion running around in Neverwinter, and usually it’s not something to be fond of. Most of the game features a plethora of foes devoted to the idea of ripping your character limb from limb, for example. But devotion isn’t all bad. Take the newest class for the game, the Devoted Cleric, a beacon of healing light that will hinder foes, help allies, and always remain faithful to you even if you wear that hat he absolutely hates.

Devoted Clerics have two at-will abilities under normal circumstances: a standard attack and a lighter attack that also heals allies for a small amount. As the Devoted Cleric attacks, he builds up Divinity, which allows him to shift into different at-will abilities — a channeled beam of damage or a channeled heal that restores both the target and the cleric. Take a closer look at the class mechanics on the official site, or see the class in action in the trailer past the cut.