Control Wizards join Neverwinter

Control Wizards join Neverwinter's class lineup

You’ve seen the brawn that’s coming in Neverwinter, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons action MMO, now meet the brains: the Control Wizard. These masters of arcane magic eschew physical battle, instead relying on knowledge and study for their power.

As their name suggests, Control Wizards have the ability to hinder multiple foes by using their spells to stun and disable large groups of surrounding enemies. Check out a video after the cut as well as images of the Control Wizards doing what they do best in the gallery below. And tell us, which class would you prefer to play when Neverwinter releases — muscle or magic?

Neverwinter classes — which would you play?
I fight face-to-face, so I’ll play a Guardian 171 (36.9%)
Death from a distance is best; I’ll play a Control Wizard. 292 (63.1%)