Neverwinter boasts character customization equal

Neverwinter boasts character customization equal to Cryptic's other titles

Even with the fantasy trappings and Dungeons & Dragons background, it’s important to remember that Neverwinter is as much a Cryptic creature as anything. And because of that fact, the game will ship with a very robust character creator on par with the studio’s other offerings.

A new character creator dev diary walks us through the process of making a dungeon runner, which is both as you’d expect and slightly different for the genre. One important note is that you will actually roll for your ability stats. These stats will be augmented by the race chosen; each race has a special ability and specific stat bonuses.

Once you get past the stats, it’s on to the visual creator. It’s here that you’ll customize a unique-looking avatar. Cryptic says that if you’ve played one of its other games, you’ll know what to expect here. The creator includes all kinds of skin complexions, skin color, tattoos, hairstyles, horns, scars, and a plethora of sliders.