NEW Neverwinter:screens show off armor customization

Neverwinter dude in armor

Back in December, Cryptic highlighted some of the options available for customizing a character’s appearance in its upcoming Neverwinter MMO. Today the company has released a second dev blog that touches on armor options and playstyle customization.

Neverwinter’s armor is both level-restricted and class-bound, but it also provides equipment and enchantment slots that allow for experimentation and differentiation. Check out the full details on the game’s official site, and have a look through the new screenshot gallery below while you’re at it.

It would have been awesome to pick out your character’s clothing/armor from the get go from a huge selection of items, with the option to earn new appearance pieces as you go.  Sadly, if Cryptic isn’t the first to bring that long-overdue idea to the fantasy MMO genre, I have no idea who will.