Neverwinter’s Guardian Fighter

Neverwinter's Guardian Fighter on display

Hankering for your 20-sided dice and some good old-fashioned dungeon crawling? Get with the times: It’s 2012, and we’re on the verge of an action-packed D&D MMO called Neverwinter! Cryptic’s hard at work on this upcoming title, and for those mulling over their future choice of class, the team is currently trying to sell you on the Guardian Fighter.

The Guardian Fighter is a melee tank that does much what you’d expect. It absorbs a lot of damage while dishing out some of the pain in return. The team’s released a video to show off some of the class’ more essential skills, including Cleave, Tide of Iron (a shield slam), Guarding, Lunging Strike, and Terrifying Impact

Color me impressed.  Combat looks fluid and well-animated.  Hits look good and the feeling of impact is definitely coming through just from watching the video.  The environments look detailed enough with a good variety of light and shadow and color.  The only thing I can’t comment on is the sound, as I’m watching this from a PC without sound at the moment.  Still, this looks very nice.